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The Blackrod Neighbourhood Plan area comprises the village of Blackrod, Bolton and its surrounding countryside.

Welcome to the Blackrod Neighbourhood Plan website

The Blackrod Neighbourhood Plan is a strategically important legal document which will set out the vision and objectives of the community for the next 15 years. Covering Housing development, Infrastructure, Environment, Heritage & other areas determined by the residents & broader Blackrod community.

We need to know what you think of Blackrod as it is today and what you would like to see change.

What do you think are the good things about Blackrod and what do you think are the bad things?

This is a REAL opportunity to influence the place we all live and work. THIS PLAN WILL NOT SUCCEED WITHOUT YOUR INVOLVEMENT.

Please browse our website to find out more.  If you have any questions not covered by our website or comments, please contact as we'd love to hear from you.

How to contact us...

Blackrod Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (BNPSG)
c/o Council Offices
Blackrod Library
Church Street

Email: contact

The Independent Examiner has now inspected the Neighbourhood Plan and recommended a number of changes before the Plan can proceed to Referendum. The Examiners report can be found in the documents section of this website. Approval to proceed to referendum should be made by Bolton Council at a full council meeting expected to be in January 2020. We will update this webpage once further details are known.

We are a Community Led project team having the best interests of Blackrod at heart.

About Us

Check out your Steering Group, all unpaid volunteers, who with your help they will drive the Plan to successful completion.

Steering Group

This is the approved designated area map for the Blackrod Neighbourhood Plan.

Blackrod Boundary

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