What is Neighbourhood Planning?

In a nutshell, Neighbourhood Planning allows communities to decide what happens on their doorstep. A Neighbourhood Plan is a legal document that if approved at referendum will form part of the Local Plan for Bolton Council. This document will have to be taken into account when future decisions are being made or proposed for Blackrod. You can read more here: http://mycommunity.org.uk

Why Does Blackrod Need A Neighbourhood Plan?

In recent years, Blackrod has been faced with a number of significant sized planning applications which have not been wholly welcomed or supported by those who live and work in the village. There has also been a number of Transport & Road related issues, as well as threats to general Community facilities. The consensus is that Blackrod residents wish to be more actively involved in the changes being made to the village, before they are made.

Through a Neighbourhood Plan, we have the power to take a proactive approach to new development rather than a reactive approach. It is our opportunity to set down what is important to us, what we wish to enhance or protect and what we as residents feel is appropriate for Blackrod and acceptable for our needs.

Who Is Running The Neighbourhood Plan?

Blackrod Parish Council is the responsible body for the Neighbourhood Plan and has delegated authority to an appropriate Steering Group, chaired by Councillor Alan Bury Snr, with the responsibility of creating the Blackrod Neighbourhood Plan. With support from local residents, business owners and parish councillors, the Neighbourhood Plan will be Community led. The full Steering Group list of members can be found by visiting our Steering Group page.
Like Parish Councillors, the Steering Group are an entirely voluntary, unpaid group.

Who Pays For It?

The Neighbourhood Plan for Blackrod, if agreed, and if it passes the test of scrutiny, will not aim to deliver all of its content straight away. It is a framework of guidelines and policies for anyone seeking to develop or alter any part of the village. It is a strategic blueprint or master plan of potential development over the next 15 years.  The document will sit alongside the Local Development Framework adopted by Bolton Council and will have to be given legal regard by anyone wishing to prepare a planning application in the area covered by our Plan. The preparation of the Plan is funded by a Grant from Locality (a government funded agency) and an immense amount of free time and effort from the Steering Group members and interested residents & businesses. Without their voluntary input this plan would not happen.