This is a project run and managed by the Community of Blackrod – it is Community Led.


The Plan is owned by Blackrod Town Council as they have the legal responsibility to produce it however it is run and created by the people of Blackrod.


Volunteers who care about the future of our Town including Town Councillors, Residents and other Stakeholders have formed an independent Steering Group which is co-ordinating the community engagement process which will run through 2016 and early 2018 to develop the final Plan.


The Steering Group was formed in August 2016 and the membership and Terms of Reference were approved on the 8th August 2016. The purpose of the Steering Group is to provide high level governance, reporting, project and programme management for the delivery of the Neighbourhood Plan.


The actual production work of the Plan is being carried out by the members of the Steering Group and a wider Project Group whose membership is open to anyone in the community who shows genuine interest in assisting with the challenge of creating a Plan for our Town.


The roles within the wider Project Group are dynamic and can change depending on the phases of the project that are currently being undertaken.


Please get in please get in contact if you would like to help.