The Plan was a Community led project run and created by the people of Blackrod under the auspices of Blackrod Town Council.


Volunteers who care about the future of our Town, including Town Councillors, Residents and other stakeholders formed an independent Steering Group which coordinated the Community engagement process which ran through from 2016 to early 2018 to develop the final Plan.


Due to delays in the process and the COVID-19 pandemic the draft Plan eventually went to a Referendum on the 6th May 2021 when over 90% of Blackrod residents voted in favour of the Plan.
The Local Authority, Bolton Council, subsequently announced the Plan as MADE at their full committee meeting held on the 23rd June 2021.


As the Plan was successfully completed it was decided to dissolve the Steering Group as it’s work was finished and to establish a new group to oversee the implementation, monitoring and review of the Plan, its Community Projects and some of the Polices.


The Blackrod Neighbourhood Plan Delivery Group (BNPDG), its membership and Terms of Reference, was established and approved by the Town Council on the 6th September 2021.


The aims of the BNPDG are to act as a subgroup for Blackrod Town Council (BTC) advise and assist them (BTC) in order to promote, co-ordinate, monitor and review the implementation of the Blackrod Neighbourhood Development Plan’s Community Projects and relevant Plan Policies.


The BNPDG will create small project teams, as appropriate, with the help of volunteers from the community to ensure the successful delivery of the Plan.


Please get in contact if you would like to help.